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Pool upgrade

Do you want to upgrade your pool? We’ll find the right solution for you, from energy optimisation to the replacement of the liner.

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Our pool upgrade service

If you want to really enjoy your ageing pool again, you may want to consider an upgrade. We’ll give you all the support you need, from the initial consultation and assessment, through the design, quotation and project management, to when your pool is ready to use again.

What are the ways in which I can enhance my pool?

Our Swimming Pool Customer Service is available throughout Austria.

Our Customer Service operates throughout Austria and can help you with any technical problems you may have with your pool. It won’t take long to get an appointment over the phone. Once we’ve made our initial assessment, we will procure the required spares and set in motion our “emergency response chain” to deal with the issue.

Service and maintenance packages

De-winterising your pool

  • Configure dosing system 

  • Replace dosing hoses and probes

  • Check water values

  • Conduct backwash and check functioning of filter system

  • Check seals for tightness

Winterising your pool

  • Reduce water level to below the level of built-in components and fixtures

  • Add winter agents and appropriate chemicals

  • Using compressed air, remove any water from pipes in areas subject to freezing

  • Cover pool (using supplied cover)


  • Conduct backwash and check functioning of filter system

  • Check circulation pump for contamination, leaks and noise

  • Generally check for leaks and noise

  • Readjust and check measuring and control dosing system

  • Check water values

  • Observe recommended dosages of chemicals

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Make an appointment: schwimmbadservice@holter.at