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Schlafzimmer mit Klimaanlage

Air conditioning

Air conditioning means not only cooling but also regulating the entire indoor climate – temperature, humidity and air quality.

Air conditioning systems

Cooling with the heat pump

How air conditioning systems work

In principle, an air conditioning system works in the same way as a heat pump:

  • The liquid coolant flows from the outdoor unit of the system to the inside of the building.

  • On the way, the pressure is reduced and the temperature of the coolant falls below room temperature.

  • An exchange of air then takes place via the indoor unit of the air conditioning system, with the aid of a fan.

  • Whilst the room is cooled, the coolant heats up again and flows towards the outdoor unit.

  • The outdoor unit emits the heat, the coolant cools and the cycle begins again.

In heating operation, this cycle is simply reversed – the heat from the external air is emitted into the room via the indoor unit.

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