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Familie in Küche, Kind gießt Wasser in Glas

Drinking water hygiene

To be able to drink tap water safely in the long term, there are various thing to consider for the drinking water installation in the building.

Enjoy fresh drinking water at any time

Drinking-water – a perishable provision

Did you know that drinking-water can go bad? The drinking water installation has a major influence over water quality. Temperatures between 25 °C and 55 °C and stale water in the pipes lead to the formation of a biofilm – the perfect breeding ground for germs such as legionella and pseudomonas.

Pipeline looping

To prevent this, the water in the pipe system should be refreshed regularly. One way of doing this is by looping the water pipe to the toilet flush. In this case, all the connections are linked up, so that fresh water is drawn into the pipe system every time water is taken out and on every flush.


The ideal accessory for this is Vitalbox. Its special design prevents the water in the pipes from heating up too much. Further information about how Vitalbox works can be found in our explanatory video.

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