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Radiators etc.

For space heating, there are radiators or panel heating systems – i.e. underfloor or wall heaters. Their task is the same: to ensure the correct, comfortable temperature.

Types of radiator and panel heater

How the heat output works

Whether radiator or panel heater, the principle is the same.

  • The heat source – i.e. your heat pump, your biomass, oil or gas heating system or the solar thermal system – heats water, which is transported to the respective space heating systems via the pipelines in the heating circuit.

  • These emit the heat to the space. The heated air rises in the room and the cooler air flows downward on the walls, which creates a convection current that ensures even heat distribution in the space.

  • The area of the heat distribution system equally plays a part. As such, low-temperature panel heaters create a comfortable indoor climate, whereas radiators require higher flow temperatures for the same room temperature.

Which output system is ideal for you therefore also depends on the heating system used.

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