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Heating upgrade

Heaters in Austria have an average life span of 17 years, and as they get older, they gradually become less efficient and produce less heat. Furthermore, today’s climate targets mean that fossil fuels will eventually be phased out. Upgrade your heaters now and replace them with an environment-friendly system.

Which heating system is the right one when upgrading your heating?

Heating upgrade: What do you need to bear in mind when switching to a new system?

Another way to reduce the cost of heating is through insulation and solar power

Find a trusted heating installer and ask them to check whether your boiler, pipes and storage tank are well insulated, and indeed whether they’re insulated at all. This is an area where many people miss out on major potential savings.

Another option for upgrading a heating system is to install solar panels. Solar power is especially cost-effective during spring, summer and autumn. Again, this is a point you should discuss with your heating specialist.

Heating system upgrade: a few things you need to know

Any efficient heating system upgrade needs to involve, above all, hydraulic balancing – something that is often missing in older systems. The aim of balancing is to ensure that all radiators in the system are fed exactly the amount of heat they need.

Your trusted specialist will make an assessment of your system, calculate the heating load in each room and analyse your pipe networks and heating surfaces. This will produce the necessary heat for each room and for the building as a whole as well as the optimal pressure and volume flow.

It may also be possible to adjust (lower) the flow and return temperatures, so that less energy is needed for the same heating load. If you have old radiators that require high flow temperature, you may need to replace them in your heating upgrade and install more state-of-the-art radiators that work more efficiently on lower temperatures.

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