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Modernes Wohnzimmer mit brennendem Kamin.

Heating with biomass

Modern biomass heating systems that can run on wood chips, pellets or logs are environmentally friendly, convenient, easy to operate and cost-effective.

Heating with pellets

Heating with logs

How does biomass heating work?

  • With automated biomass heating, a screw conveyor transports the fuel – pellets or wood chips – on a grate. If you use logs for your heating, you will have to feed them in by hand.

  • After automatic ignition, for example by means of a heater fan, a glowing nest forms on the grate and the gases released combust fully in the combustion chamber.

  • Via a heat exchanger, the hot gases heat the hot water.

  • The ash created by the combustion is caught in a separate ash container. Depending on the size and fuel – wood chips create more ash than pellets – this must be emptied several times per year. With log heating, the ash pan must be emptied significantly more frequently.

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